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Mischa Barton appears in court for ‘revenge porn’ case In the meantime, Spaw remains barred from releasing explicit video and images of Barton that she says were recorded by a different ex-boyfriend without her consent.

Barton, 31, went public with her revenge porn case back in March after she learned from a British tabloid that someone was trying to sell intimate videos of her for a reported 0,000.

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Mischa Barton testified Friday she’s "terrified" of an ex-boyfriend who's been "lurking" in her neighborhood after he made several copies of revenge porn recorded without her consent. C." star said her ex-boyfriend Adam Spaw showed up her friend's house recently and asked to gain access to Barton's car — despite a temporary restraining order granted against him in March.

She's was staying at the house at the time, she said.

"He doesn't seem to understand the TRO," she told the judge, adding that Spaw has texted and called her too.

Barton tells “On the evening of the 25th, I went out with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday.He also said that he’s been involved with Barton for “many months,” and that he “can’t wait” to see her after the whole revenge-porn matter is over.(He refers to her by the legal term “petitioner” in his filing.)“I do not agree to an order that would preclude me from having any contact with Petitioner.The orders, granted to Barton on Tuesday and obtained by The Wrap, state that Zacharias and Shaw “may not sell, distribute, give away or show any naked photos or videos of any type of Mischa Barton.”Also Read: Mischa Barton on Revenge-Porn Shocker: ' My Absolute Worst Fear Was Realized' (Video)" data-reactid="33"Also Read: Mischa Barton on Revenge-Porn Shocker: 'My Absolute Worst Fear Was Realized' (Video)According to the orders, Barton began dating Zacharias in October, and during their “brief time together” he “recorded me having sex with him, taking a shower and took other naked pictures of me WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE. He was arrested.”“I am concerned about both men now,” Barton says in the papers.Jon is trying to sell those tapes without my permission for 0,000.”In the restraining order request, Barton said that, after she broke up with Zacharias, she began seeing Shaw, who informed Barton that he was a former friend of Zacharias and “told me that Mr. Daily Mail report that an “x-rated video” featuring Barton “is being shopped around Hollywood.”" data-reactid="43"Barton’s request for a restraining order came on the heels of a Daily Mail report that an “x-rated video” featuring Barton “is being shopped around Hollywood.”According to the Daily Mail’s report, the purported video “shows Barton having sex with a dark haired man” and “is being offered to the highest bidder with the starting price of 0,000.”On Monday, Bloom issued a statement saying that the restraining orders for Zacharias and Spaw for “several weeks,” with Zacharias’ order being extended until April 26 and Spaw’s being extended until May 3.

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Mischa Barton wins court battle to ban ex from releasing sex tape “I definitely feel he's been stalking me," she said. I would be terrified to see him." The judge extended Barton's temporary stay-away order Friday but set a follow-up hearing for July 21 and said he'll rule on making it permanent then.

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