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Who is james blunt dating 2016

Regardless, it is a song that most have heard and can easily sing along. The song portrays Blunt as a very serious person, but he is adamant that that is not how he truly wants to be recognized.

However, his songwriting and vocal talent has much more to offer.

"Context is very important – a lot of the things I say aren't serious and so to remove the laughter does me no favours."This endearing frankness, of course, makes me worry that I am going to misquote Blunt, or make him sound pompous when, in fact, he is anything but. "They saw what I was doing and they asked me to stop because they thought I would damage my brand. This is probably because his earlier work was dominated by playlist-friendly ballads, evincing an earnestness that is markedly different from Blunt's puckish online persona.

We meet in the offices of his label, Warner, and he's a slight, unassuming figure with delicate features framed by questing blue eyes. His new album, , is not exactly a departure but there is certainly more light and shade: Blunt has collaborated on it with, among others, his close friend Ed Sheeran.

The younger singer has also had to endure a fair amount of press vituperation and, indeed, the hatred of the online community whom Blunt describes as "lonely people in darkened rooms with their trousers round their ankles".

I wonder if the pair ever discuss the potential damage this could do to their careers.

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"But what I will say is that she was hysterically funny, and someone who was probably too bright for planet Earth. She was quick with her humour – she laughed at herself and she laughed at the world.