Who is adam lamberg dating

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Who is adam lamberg dating

Adam Lambert also opened up about Sam in a candid interview with the , where he confessed that he was “a big fan” of Smith’s work and even hinted that he and Smith may team up in the studio in the not too distant future.“I think the world could handle it,” Lambert teased of an Adam and Sam collaboration. I would be up for an all-male duet if the song was great and the artist was right,” Adam coyly added.“As an artist you’re all of those things, you’re a musician, you’re a person, your age and your race and your background, it’s the whole package.” Would you like to see Adam Lambert and Sam Smith as music’s newest power couple?Jussie Smollett has been one of the most consistent actor and singers in the past few years. He was born in the year 1983 on 21st of June and this makes him 34 years old at this moment.

According to some sources, he was dating his girlfriend Raven Symone, but sadly their relationship and affair did not last long. He has played great roles in TV shows and movies, and it has helped him to earn a special place in people’s heart. Hope y'all have been well and we're all staying involved. Overall there are some plot holes that a more mature audience would catch, but for tweens and those adults looking for nostalgia, The Lizzy Mc Guire movie fits the bill. As a teenager, I watched Lizzie Mc Guire on a daily basis, and I remember the huge deal it was when the movie came out.Even as an adult, I still enjoy the film- following Lizzie and her adventures through Italy with Gordo.“They’re often quite flirty and Sam went to Adam’s sold out concert in New York last week after he went to one of Sam’s concerts in the U. Adam confirmed that he and Sam have been spending some quality time together recently when he shared a very cozy snap of the two together at his New York after-party on his Instagram page on March 5, where he teased that Smith was being “camera shy” as he turned his body to Lambert’s.But despite making it pretty clear that he and Sam have been partying pretty hard together, neither Adam nor Sam have officially confirmed or denied that they’re actually a couple.

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