Vietnamese dating rituals

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Vietnamese dating rituals

I am not interested in college-drop outs, does not matter which country they are from.We can already not overcome the economic inequality, but at least you can find a girlfriend in the same social class as you.We don’t have smart-ass Vietnamese men saying that western foreigners can only get “nguoi nha que”, it is actually the total opposite, they’d rather say that all the girls from Saigon are chasing foreigners (which is interesting, since in Vietnam people tend to think that city girls are more easy than countryside girls, which is opposite to Thailand if I have understood your and the readers’ observations on this issue correctly).Knowing that I am probably 20 years younger than the average Stickman reader, I can give just some humble advice on finding a good Vietnamese girl.

In his eyes finding a “decent” Vietnamese woman is the same process as finding a decent car: Preferably not a second hand (no divorced woman, no single mothers, no girls who have had foreign boyfriends before; should have a high market value – a well-sought after commodity), not too old (preferably the girls should below the age of 24, regardless of how old you are), should not have any scratches or defects (no tattoos; no kids; not too many ex-boyfriends; non-smoker; non-drinker; should not visit the bars), preferable from a good brand (the poorer she is, the better), it should not cost too much for maintenance (Johnson advises us to give a maximum of 0 US dollar a month to the girl to be your girlfriend) and you should have it thoroughly checked before you are using it (the girls should have had a blood test regardless of how many sex partners you have had).1) As Stickman already mentioned, try to learn the local language and try to understand the culture.That is most important and should be a universal rule for any country you are residing in.2) If you don’t know Vietnamese, and you don't want to bother learning it, go at least for the university graduates, teachers and the ones who have studied overseas.For myself, I only consider dating girls who have at least graduated college.

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3) You know that you have a good girlfriend if she has some reservations to introduce you as her boyfriend to her parents too quickly.

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