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Looking at the different lives of these students I see parts of myself in each one of them.There's a lot to learn from observing others; the decisions they make and the ones they don't.Burstein and her crew chronicle the lives of the students closely, capturing rare moments of beauty, truth, and doubt.Although I really liked the film, it took me a while to get into it.His father is very up-front about the fact that he can't afford to put Colin through college after he graduates from High School. The first is to get a scholarship from basketball, and the second is to join the Army.You'd expect Colin's father to be overbearing, pushing Colin to do well in basketball, but he isn't.Inspired by Roger and Pete’s passion to bring teen cancer awareness to America and improve the lives of young adults with cancer, the founding members of the Teen Cancer America organization were formed.Today we stand strong as a charity devoted to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer.

At times it seemed like Burstein was waiting for the fantastic to occur, to be ready to capture it on film.

I'm watching a documentary about High School and they're focusing on stereotypical teens? After a while, however, I realized that there's so much more to these people than meets the eye.

Along those lines, I was interested in Colin Clemens' story, especially with regards to his father.

Read More Teen Cancer America partners with hospitals to create youth-oriented centers for those receiving treatment.

These units provide peer support and interaction while receiving treatment at in-patient and out-patient clinics.


See more » American Teen, the latest documentary from Nanette Burstein (The Kid Stays in the Pictures / On the Ropes) is equally fascinating and moving.

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