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Tasmania chat site

They rejected with disdain the presents and freedoms of the officers, and were ordered by an elderly man to retire—a command, to which they submitted with reluctance. Anderson, the surgeon of the Resolution, describes the natives as a mild, cheerful race, with an appearance less wild than is common to savages.He considered them devoid of activity, genius, and intelligence; their countenance, he delineates as plump and pleasing.

He left Europe when the dreams of Rousseau were the toys of the speculative, and before they became the phantoms of the populace.[1792.] But though later on the spot, assisted by the remarks of previous observers, Labillardière, of all, was the most assiduous and exact.The naturalist of D'Entrecasteaux's expedition, he saw mankind with the eye of a philosopher.He heard, or thought he heard, the voices of people and the sound of a trumpet: he noticed the recently cut notches, five feet asunder, on the bark of the trees, and he saw the smoke of fires.He inferred that they possessed some unusual method of climbing, or that their stature was gigantic.

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[1773.] Furneaux, Captain Cook's second in command, first visited this country. They had left their huts, formed but for a day, in which were fragments of fish, baskets, and spears.

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