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But AI, in and of itself, is genderless and sexless.Why, then, are the majority of the personalities we construct for these machines female?If you didn’t have the conflict, would you have gone back? Actually, I don’t smoke, and in the scene I’m smoking like crazy.I’m puffing every second, and they were like, “Cut, cut.” And Matthew Weiner came out and was like, “You don’t smoke, do you? We’ll just let yours sit in the ashtray.” I was reading comments about you on You Tube, and some people seem surprised that the way you talk in your comedy routines is the way you normally talk.[It’s hard] waiting for a women’s issue to become a topic that not only can I figure out what point of view I can have on it, and Jon needs to figure out a point of view together with me, [but we also have to] sort of make it funny.It’s a hard job, but it’s work I’m really proud of and I hope I get to continue doing it.I think they felt a bit wounded by the Jezebel article because, you know, it painted an inaccurate picture of Jon Stewart, for sure. It was already judging her before she even had a chance to test herself on the show. It was an emotional couple of weeks for me, for sure, because it’s my show. Also, why didn’t I get brought up in that article when I’ve been in the show only talking about women’s issues?

So I was like, “This might be it for me.” I’m relieved it’s working out. You just did the Mama Grizzly segment last month, but before that it had been about a year since your last one. Do you pitch them ideas or do they come to you first?

Have you always talked with that voice, or have you sort of cultivated it for comedy? It’s definitely landed me some really sweet voice-over work that I’ve been hoping to do forever.

But yeah, I thought it would hold me back for sure, because I remember in college there was this very prominent voice-acting coach and it was hard to get into her class.

I went up to her office with this friend who happened to be a hot boy, and we walked in and she was like, “What are your names?

” And I was like Kristen Schaal, and she just dropped everything and was like, “You have an atrocious lisp!

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Assigning gender to these AI personalities may say something about the roles we expect them to play.