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The licensee, by application for and receipt of this license, agrees to an examination of his business records, for the purpose of verification of the percent of food sales, by the Mayor or his delegated representative at all reasonable times.

Failure to file the required affidavit, failure to maintain the required percent of food sales and nonalcoholic beverages or failure to comply with any of the requirements for the Class "B" beer or "Class C" wine only license for restaurants shall be grounds for nonrenewal, suspension or revocation of the Class "B" beer and "Class C" wine only license for restaurants. Whenever any license has been revoked, at least six months from the time of such revocation shall elapse before another license shall be granted for the same premises, and 12 months shall elapse before another license shall be granted to the person whose license was revoked.

The City Clerk-Treasurer shall notify the Chief of Police and Inspection Department of each new application, and these officials shall inspect or cause to be inspected each application and the premises, together with such other investigation as shall be necessary to determine whether the applicant and the premises sought to be licensed comply with the regulations, ordinances and laws applicable thereto, including those governing sanitation in restaurants, and whether the applicant is a proper recipient of a license.

938.344 and 778.25 relating to the sale of alcohol beverages, except ss. No person may hold more than one provisional retail license for each type of license applied for by the holder per year. The 50% shall be determined by taking the average monthly gross revenue of the sale of food and nonalcohol beverages over the period of a calendar year.Hotels and restaurants whose principal business is the furnishing of food or lodging to patrons, and bowling alleys and golf courses, may remain open for the conduct of their regular business, but no alcohol beverages shall be sold during prohibited hours.The Common Council authorizes the granting of temporary Class "B" (i.e.However, said license shall cease to be in effect upon receipt by the Clerk-Treasurer of notice of disapproval of the successor agent by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or other peace officer of the municipality in which the license was issued.The corporation's license shall not be in force after receipt of such notice or after a regular or special meeting of the Common Council until the successor agent or another qualified agent is appointed and approved by the city and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Whenever a licensee transfers his/her license pursuant to this section, the city shall reimburse the annual license fee prorated on a quarterly basis.

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All licenses shall be numbered in the order in which they are issued and shall state clearly the specific premises for which granted, the date of issuance, the fee paid and the name of the licensee and, unless sooner revoked, shall expire on June 30 thereafter except as otherwise provided. This applies to all places licensed to sell alcohol beverages.