Play bad company 2 without updating

Posted by / 21-Dec-2017 10:07

Play bad company 2 without updating

After spending a few hours with the game today, I have to admit that the gameplay is really enjoyable, loving every minute of it – although I have been experiencing a few problems today with the game.

While I was mostly able to enjoy a stable connection to the game, after a period, I was disconnected from the servers and was then greeted with the message.

What are the chances of putting together a blacklist of sorts to give those of us, who like to have our stats updated, a chance to single out and avoid those servers that repeatedly have issues with updating stats?

When I say issues, I don't mean taking an hour or two to update... 12 - 15 hours of game play this past weekend and only 1.3 hours of stats recorded.. I enjoy the game but the ability to maintain stats is one of the big selling points of this game.

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Ive had a problem with my stats for a while, i noticed because i earned the silver spec ops and knife badges and they didnt add them on.

What can we do here on this site to start such a blacklist for servers so other users can avoid them, and perhaps shake up the admins to get their servers working right? Oxygenthief Saying its a server issue doesn't help the players.

I think a lot of server admins/owners are not aware that their server stats are not updating.

I really hope EA & DICE are going to release this patch soon with LOTS of fixes because there are tons to be done...

It's sad that so much stuff slipped through the cracks ...

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I had some odd numbers added from yesterdays games, not even close to all of them, at one point i said i'm done and i went to play HL2.