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As my mail is my main priority, is there a way to configure Outlook in such a way that it will only download RSS feeds when I want to?RSS feeds can easily become a distraction indeed but luckily you can modify your Send/Receive settings to exclude some or all your RSS feeds from updating when Outlook checks for mails.Deleting my old feeds and reimporting results in a one time update.I looked in Task Scheduler library, but didn't see any task that looked like it was related to RSS feeds.Unticking that box does allow faster updates, but there is another wrinkle.

When Outlook doesn’t find a TTL, everything defaults to 60 minutes.

This has the added benefit of speeding up your send/receive performance as well.

By creating a send/receive group for RSS feeds, you can still update your RSS feeds when you have time to read them.

So even when the minimum TTL is lowered to 5 minutes, Outlook still will not even try to check more often than every 30 minutes; this is the default setting of the default Send & Receive Group.

So, to get full control, it is necessary to uncheck the “Use publisher’s recommendation” box, AND to create a custom Send & Receive group (or modify the settings of the default group). So, create a new Send & Receive group and in its properties, select the RSS feeds that you want to update at the higher rate.

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