Older men dating younger women blogs

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Older men dating younger women blogs

If later on down the road once you've matured more mentally, emotionally etc.

and you meet a man who's fairly older than you and you two are completely compatable, then perhaps dating/marriage to him may be a wise decision.

Maybe you don't like people your own age, but still you are very young to decide about marriage yet. I am like you and my husband is 23 years older than me. I believe that God has the one person for each of us that we are meant to be with..mates. I didn't even know how old he was until 8 months into the relationship. age of man or woman has NOTHING to do with the divorce rate.

i'm probably too young to be on this website, but i am 16 and all i'm going to say is that i love someone who is 29. We have been together for 20 years and married for 17 years. He's very youthful and the best husband I can imagine. Age doesn't matter (as long as both parties are consenting adults), race, nor religion. We're both compatible, we have common interests, he makes me feel protected and secure and I make him feel young and vibrant. It is usually one or the other or BOTH that just do not understand what they are getting into when they marry.

Men cannot keep up sexually with a woman 10 years younger, much less 20. You are really too young to make up your mind yet, and have not had sufficient experience of meeting different men.I believe there are much more important things to consider than age differences. But it was an unheathy, abusive, and very manipulative relationship. I have met some younger men that are way more mature than older men. Not that I want to have children with him--I'm over 40 anyway but it's taken me a lot longer to learn my lessons than it has him lol! Will you want a 22 year old man guiding them or 42 year old man?God bless you and hope this has been of encouragement to you. He frequently threatened to kill me in bizarre ways. But if I had been older or more experienced, I might have seen through his deceptively charming ways in time to avoid marriage to him. :) Yes, I can imagine you must need encouragement too, this must be a very challenging time in your life, God bless you dear. I agree with Rhonda, age has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH. I would like to see those beautiful teeth again(they are gone) that wonderful physique,he's retired ( sits around now)virility is gone. ****Hmmm now I'm unsure about this logic ...a bit wayward and ineptmy father was 22yo with 2 sons ..Mom was 2 years older ..of us kids guided by my Dad never in trouble ..older brothers went to Ivy League schools all my brothers served in military ..you implying my Dad was incapable of having children?Honestly, if you are having all these problems with the age gap, you need to break up. If you are faced with this decision, you will have to decide for yourself, what will work for you. He is to0 lead , Its always better that a young woman marry an older man. You are 22 years old , the day will come when you have children you love like nothing else before.Will you want a 22 year old man guiding them or 42 year old man?

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