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Journal articles dating violence

As for romantic relationship skills, I would like to see those taught at least by middle school and beyond." Intimate partner violence is not uncommon among divorcing couples.

Whether a woman experienced intimate partner violence during marriage -- and the kind of violence she experienced -- has an impact ...

The renewal of the Violence Against Women Act is a step in that direction, but researchers would like to see more education and programming in the schools or after-school programs that focus on the teen years.

Family intervention is also important to preventing psychological violence later in life.

For example, Lohman said she and her colleague found that in an urban sample "females were a lot more psychologically violent during the teen years than boys.

The research focused on psychological violence instead of physical violence.

This study is part of a special series of articles on teen dating violence guest edited by Lohman for the April issue of the .

It is one of the first studies to examine patterns of violence over three decades to see how children exposed to psychological violence and family stress were affected in relationships later in life.

Many teens experience physical or sexual abuse within their romantic relationships and now dating violence can also be perpetrated digitally by harassing, stalking or controlling a romantic partner ...

Parents play a direct role in distracted teen driving, with more than half of teens talking on cellphones with their mother or father while driving, according to new research.

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But it is not surprising to them to see more teen girls initiating the violence.

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