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It represents most of the IPV4 and IPV6 numbers in use on the Internet today and includes the IANA reserved IPs. If you exceed 250 hitpoints in any 3 hour period, you will not be able to download or lookup anything until the full 3 hour period has elapsed. Should you attempt further downloads while "banned", a weighting algorithm will be applied to your IP address causing further time extensions. If you reach more than 900 hitpoints in 3 hours, your IP will be banned for a v-e-r-y long time.This Database is automatically reconstituted every 24 hours by special software running on our servers. PLEASE DO NOT ask us to remove your IP manually if you get banned.The top of the main page shows how long ago it was updated. It's your job as a developer to make sure your IP does not get banned.Database download limit ======================= We do limit downloads and lookups per IP per 3 hour period. You are allowed 250 hitpoints in any 3 hour period. Your IP will automatically be removed eventually depending on the above criteria.Unfortunately we have to do this as some "developers" have abused our resources in the past because their software went haywire and tried to download the database hundreds of times per minute essentially resulting in a denial of Service attack (granted - unintentional, but destructive nonetheless).For some this is a problem as certain ISP's (like AOL) proxy outbound users on a single IP and your download gets accumulated with others on the same IP.

To use this method, upload the CSV to a directory on your web site, then create a PHP file with the following lines, editing the script to use your database address, username, and password: Upload the PHP script to the same directory as the CSV file and then browse to it.

As a tiny (truly tiny) company, we cannot support the world. ============================================================================== ============================================================================== File Time Stamp : Thu Nov 16 2017 UTC. Today, there are literally hundreds of sources of "IP-to-Country" databases available. When we started this database we were amazed to find that almost 2 billion IP addresses in the IPV4 space had been assigned. The database has grown from about 2MB unzipped to over 6MB.

We appeal to developers to make mention of the fact that this database is DONATIONWARE; many end user applications download the database weekly or even daily as part of the application and the end user is not even aware of the fact that they are making use of a resource entirely for free. Generator : on Webnet77 Company) Software Author : BRM Software Version : 5.9.7 Contact : Download : BEFORE you send us questions, please see the FAQ: !!! That's a lot of new assigned IP space for just a few years!

(For details, visit On my computer, it takes less than half a second to get all 79,000 rows into the My SQL database.

To use this method, click on the SQL tab and enter the following lines, changing the path to “ip-to-country.csv” to the actual path to the file on your local computer.

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IP addresses are constantly being assigned and revoked, so keeping your database up-to-date is critical.

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