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In this will, Kingsley sought to ensure the freedom and financial well-being of the children he had by various women (slave and free), as well as of his wife.

He gave instructions that the slave families he owned not be separated without their consent, that his slaves be given the privilege of buying their freedom at half their respective values, and that they be given the opportunity to go to Haiti if they could not remain free in Florida.

Zephaniah Kingsley was a wealthy planter and slave owner in northeast Florida. Kingsley was both a defender of slavery and an activist for the legal rights of free blacks.

His heirs included his wife, a freed slave named Anna M. Born in Bristol, England, in 1765, Kingsley moved to Charleston, South Carolina, then a British colony, in 1770.

There are several series that pertain to the business of the mixed claims commissions and the domestic claims commission.

In 1853, another mixed claims commission was established to settle claims presented to either government since December 24, 1814.

Records of the Board of Commissioners for the Emancipation of Slaves in the District of Columbia, 1862-63 An act of April 12, 1862 (12 Stat.376) abolished slavery in the District of Columbia.Over the next three decades, however, state and local laws and customs slowly eroded the rights of these U. By the end of his life, Kingsley was embittered by the racial discrimination practiced in Florida’s antebellum society and concerned over the fate of his wife and children.Fearing for the safety of his family in Florida, Kingsley made preparations to send his wife and children to Haiti, and by 1838, Anna and her children were residents of Haiti.Designated the Department of Foreign Affairs, (an Act of September 1789 changed the name to the Department of State), the new Department was established to help the President carry out his constitutional responsibility for conducting the U. Under Treasury Department regulations of July 29, 1864, it established "freedmen's home colonies" to provide employment and welfare to assistance to freed slaves. Petitions disclosed name of petitioner, slaves, and value of slaves claimed in the petition. Government, 1790-1979 This record group is a collection of selected publications of U. Government agencies, arranged according to a classification system (Su Doc System) devised by the Office of the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office (GPO).

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The Secretary of Interior accumulated much correspondence related to a variety of issues and subjects surrounding the suppression of the trade from the President, Congress, various executive departments, 1858-72, and from U. The islands had originally been administered by the Danish West India and Guinea Company, 1672-1754, succeeded by the Danish Crown, 1754-1917, except for periods of British occupation in 18-1815. 257) prohibited commercial intercourse between people residing in the seceded states and citizens of the United States and provided that merchandise transported for commercial purposes from or to the Confederacy would be forfeited to the United States.

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