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If you want to be the next-girlfriend-material, then act like one.

Else, your date may think that when you go out to dine with other men, you’ll end up in their beds the morning after.

Don’t kill a relationship by becoming too obsessed with your date or the experience per se.

Don’t smother your partner as if he runs your life.

You won’t find yourself alluring after seeing yourself in the mirror drooling over someone’s food just because you would like to keep your “diet.” Be real.

However, they might be more compatible with you than the hot guys or girls you see on the beach.

The guy or the chick at the beach might be fun to date but he or she might not be marriage material.

Men may seem encouraging sex on your first meet-and-greet night.

Even if you find yourselves mutually attracted, please do yourself a favor. When finding true love, even men privately hope to be declined the steamy offer.

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It does not mean that they are not right for someone else or that they are bad people either.