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Although the report states that the tram's braking system was not capable of slowing the tram sufficiently between the point where the speed restriction sign became visible and the point at which the speed restriction is enforced it also says "There was no sign to indicate to drivers where they should begin to apply the brake for the Sandilands curve; they were expected to know this from their knowledge of the route." In the light of the first interim report the UK government Office for Rail and Road (ORR) requested that all operators of light rail tramway systems apply a system of stepped speed restrictions where reductions in speed greater than 30km/h are required by changes in the characteristics of the track.

In August 2017, the RAIB gave an update on the progress of the investigation.

There was no evidence of any track defects, or obstructions on the track, that could have contributed to the derailment.

The RAIB interim report noted that "a tram approaching the Sandilands Junction area from Lloyd Park at 80 km/h (50 mph) would need to brake at its full service rate of 1.3 m/s2 approximately 180 metres before the speed restriction board in order to be travelling at 20 km/h (12.5 mph) when the board was reached." The On Tram Data Recorder (OTDR) indicated that some braking had occurred within this distance but only sufficient to reduce the tram's speed from 80 kmph (50mph) to 70 kmph (43.5mph).Some drivers have raised concerns about health and safety issues, and have described the device as a "spy in the cab".According to The Metro, one aspect of the police investigation is whether or not the tram driver fell asleep; and The Guardian reports that some passengers said the driver had blacked out at the controls.Following the accident, The Guardian reported that on 31 October there had been passenger allegations made on Facebook of a tram travelling round the curve at excessive speed.The Evening Standard reports an earlier passenger complaint describing the tram as "tipping" on the curve.

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The economic strength of Croydon dates back mainly to Croydon Airport which was a major factor in the development of Croydon as a business centre.

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