Dating crackled glass

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Dating crackled glass

Silver typically in the form of silver nitrate when used will produce a range of colors from orange-red to yellow.The way the glass is heated and cooled will significantly affect the colors produced.Some of the European companies were not making true "heat sensitive" Amberina.They were producing the pseudo Amberina which included Harrach.Addition will cover the metals required to produce the various colors of glass.Finally, we discuss each individual "Types of Glass", its associated chemical formulation and or what manufacturing process is required to produce that individual type of glass.There are three types of Glass listed in this section: one, Glass Formulation (G.

In 1914 they moved their operation to Clarksburg, West Virginia where they produced glass until 1951. In 1930 they began to make press glass mainly due to the increased competition in the marble market. Tech.): Amberina glass is always red on the top to shades of amber to yellow on the bottom.

Unfortunately the soda in glass makes it water soluble.

Sodium unless stabilized or replace will dissolve in water.

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License from Libby/New England Glass were obtained by Hobbs, Brockunier and Company of Wheeling, WV, USA to produce Amberina glass.

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