Dating advice for divored women who is dating kevin spacey

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This can also be followed by harassment of your family, friends and workplace to such an extent that to outward appearances, it will look like your roles have been reversed and you are now the out of work, homeless criminal whom your family, friends and society at large despise, while your former lady friend lives in your former home, maintaining her status at your expense. A large problem for many males is that they never recover from an episode like this and sink into depression and alcoholism, become bitter and twisted and die an early death.The second and least likely approach that the parasitic woman will take is to find an accomplice (male or female, in this case it doesn’t matter), and together they will remove every possession from your home and clear out your bank accounts.The first and most common is to call the local police and have you removed for imagined breaches of the domestic violence code.If this is the case, you will most likely no longer be allowed to return to your home, and your home and contents will in the long run be forfeit to your former lady friend and her new, but equally parasitic boyfriend.Meanwhile, the woman in question will most likely think in terms of revenge by entering the football club, all the while thinking that you it’s some kind of test and that you though she would not enter – and therefore you will be punished.It is a little convoluted, but in the end, you get rid of a minor problem before it becomes a major one.Hello to any single or divorced forty year old men reading this. If you are a woman, however, I warn you now, you are not going to like what you are about to read, so if you have any sense, and I doubt very much that you do, I suggest you … Your abusive comments accusing me of being sexist and misogynistic will give me a laugh. However, although I have left out a lot of possible categories that the typical woman could be slotted into, so many women fit into the categories that I choose to make use of, that I believe my chosen form of categorisation will suffice … And yet, despite my obstinate categorisations, if, and do emphasise if you are lucky, you might be able to meet that special someone sitting quietly on a barstool in a nightclub, immune from her flocking friends with their eternal cry of “Cheap! Despite the odds I still wish you good luck in your search. The first thing you must understand is that not every woman can be categorised as I have done below. ” Or you may find the self sufficient, centre of the party but moralistic type who berates her flocking friends for their behaviour, but mostly you will find that women who do not fall into my categories will not be found in the typical singles joints, nor will they be old girlfriends that attach themselves to you after a gap of twenty or more years.

At that age, they blend to easily with the early developing fourteen year olds; and the last thing you want is a lying brat of a fourteen year old to have you marked out as a paedophile for the rest of your life.~ Ladies, if you find yourself filled with the same contempt as the average male is for these categories of women, then congratulations on not being one of the parasitic, feminine dregs of society.ALL AGE GROUPS Women with Money/Golden Pheasants: It doesn’t really matter how much they have, what matters is whether they have more money than you.Also remember that according to most women, unemployed men don’t even have a backbone, so learn to shrug off the abuse you will undoubtedly get for daring to even speak to a woman of whatever calibre she happens to believe she is.Women of Low Socio-Economic Status and Limited Intelligence: Often from ordinary working class families and with a father fixation, women of low socio-economic status and limited intelligence generally need to cling to a man like a blood sucking parasite to obtain a home and a life for themselves. No, they don’t all have a severe deficiency in front teeth and play the banjo, but they are easy to recognise if you drop that ridiculous expectation. It’s not difficult, they might be cunning, but their lack of intelligence will play into your favour. If you don’t learn to recognise the parasitic woman for what she is, she will in all possibility have moved into your home within a week to a month of meeting her, and over a period of three to twelve months your life will become a complete misery.

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In other words, keep to women who will appreciate you for what you have, rather than regret what they cannot have because as far as they are concerned, you are nothing but a poor son-of-a-bitch.