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The Internet is no exception: it has in large 3 Karl Popper, Conjectures and Refutation: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge, London & New York: Routledge, 2002, p. 4 Jorge Luis Borges, "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius," in Labyrinths, ed. Remember also that those who use the Internet to do harm, to spread fear, and to carry out crimes are like the mythical Minotaur who, as well as being the monster in the Minoan maze, was also its prisoner.7 Daedalus, the architect of the infamous labyrinth on Crete, purportedly gave King Minos' daughter Ariadne the clew, a ball of thread or yarn, to use to find a way out of the maze.

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obtained by putting a bare leg from under the bedclothes on a cold winter night and drawing it in again." 6 What good is all this technology and information if, instead of improving our lot, it only adds to our confusion and suffering? 5 Sigmund Freud, "Civilization and Its Discontents," tr. Like Tlon, the Internet, "is surely a labyrinth, but it is a labyrinth devised by men, a labyrinth destined to be deciphered by men." We must avoid getting lost in the labyrinth without a clew.

We are continually tempted to treat all technology as an end in itself instead of a means to some end. My hope is that Untangling the Web will be something akin to Ariadne's clew, 7 so that as you unravel it, you can wind your way through the web while avoiding some of its dangers.

The Internet — in all its glory of information and misinformation — is for all practical purposes limitless, which of course means we can never know it all, see it all, understand it all, or even imagine all it is and will be.

The more we know about the Internet, the more acute is our 1 Alberto Manguel, A History of Reading, New York: Penguin, 1997, 19. Browne's A Literary History of Persia, 4 vols., London : T. I found the specific reference to this story on pages 374-375 of Vol. 1, Book IV, "Decline of the Caliphate," A Literary History of Persia " 4 vols., London: T. Available online at The Packard Humanities Institute, Persian Texts in Translation, 23 February 2006, (15 November 2006).

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