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Adult cam free totally web

Don’t limit your audience’s ability to give you money.

As an added bonus, sites like Squareup give you a free online store.

When we first started printing shirts, I thought it was really important that we have both men’s and women’s tee shirts on hand.

Although I got a lot of positive feedback from women about our lady’s tee shirts online, our sales on those items were pretty stagnant. We unloaded our men’s tee shirts so quickly we had to re-order, but our lady’s tees clung on forever. ) Figure out the right sizing for your audience, too.

Recently, Eric and I had a lot of success on pre-orders for this tee shirt, and we’ve made lots of online sales since we launched them once people who pre-ordered started posting pictures of them. Unisex is generally somewhat fitted, which looks better on everyone. CDs are our best sellers, but they obviously have the greatest upfront cost if you include the entire process of tracking, mixing, mastering, artwork, printing, and marketing.

If you can afford it, get blended tees instead of 100% cotton – soft tee shirts sell much faster than rough ones. Full-color designs will cost a lot more to produce, and you can do a lot with 1-3 color designs. That shouldn’t give you pause when making an album, though – people want to hear your music, and you should strive to get it to them.

I could do a whole blog on tee shirts alone, but I’ll try and keep this somewhat concise.One way to test out what people will buy is to set up pre-orders for certain designs of tee-shirts on your website and advertise pre-orders to your fans.If your audience is more grass-roots, you can even take pre-orders or polls for orders at shows.Sometimes, you’ll hit a city where you just don’t have a big enough draw, or sales at the bar were slim. Merch is how you can afford a low-cut night, and it puts you over the top on a night with a great turnout.No big deal, because you sold loads of CDs and t-shirts, right? It gives you an opportunity to connect with your fans after the show when they come to the table looking for something to take home with them.

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