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Accomodating an

Asking your client to journal the week’s key activities and feelings can help the client see in black and white how often he is accommodating others at the expense of his own happiness.Once the client has awareness of his tendency to over-accommodate, he can begin to explore his feelings and to imagine his life differently.People are rewarded for being heroes, for helping a neighbor, for bailing out a friend.

As a coach, sometimes it is very obvious to us that a client is over-accommodating and we are often aware before the client.makes the top 25 list of the most commonly misspelled words in business writing. See what else Mike Cohn has to say about Agile project management in this interview with Matt Heusser.accomdating, accomidationg, accomadating, accomidating, accomodation, accomadting, accomodating, accommidating, acomidating, acommodating, acomodating, accomendating, accomodationg, occomodating, accomodations, accomaditng, accomaditing, accomedating, accommendating, accomindating, accommodateing, accomondating, accommondating, acommadating, acomadating, accommadating.People who are assertive stand up for what they believe, want and need in a way that is strong yet not overpowering or disrespectful.Assertive behavior balances the courage to speak one’s mind with consideration for other’s feelings and perspectives.

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If assertiveness allows us to thrive and to avoid the negative effects of over-accommodating, then why don’t more people do it?