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Abusive and intimidating behaviour

Do not treat anyone, whatever they have done, in a way that would justify them using material from this website to describe your actions and character. They are attracted to positions of authority and trust, but that does not mean that everyone in such a position is a serial bully.Also, not every serial bully is in a position of authority or trust.Using unwarranted criticism and threats, he controls them and subjugates them, without a thought for the contribution they make to the organisation, or their self esteem, self confidence, loyalty or their health.Sooner or later this person - the bully's "target" - realises that they are not being "managed", "mentored", "developed" or "investigated", but "bullied", and they start to show signs of intolerance.Perhaps the most easily recognisable character traits of a Serial Bully are: The influence of a serial bully on a working environment should be readily apparent to an employer's senior managers, especially the HR manager.If there's a serial bully in a position of influence, these managers will know of employees who once were valued: Faced with the above, some businesses would strive to establish the cause and deal with it, to prevent any recurrence.

He may gain their respect by exaggerating his achievements and by trying to mimic the behaviour of respectable people.

"Serial Bully" is a term that Tim Field coined to describe the character he realised was behind the majority of cases that came to his attention when he ran the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line between 19.

Callers described similar character traits, patterns of behaviour and events indicating that, in a given workplace, there was usually one person responsible for the bullying, for whom bullying was a Tim observed that when one target left the bully's environment, the bully would then focus their obnoxious behaviour on someone else; the new target would eventually leave and another would unwittingly take their place, hence the term "serial bully".

One reason for not investigating alleged bullying and abuse, especially when it is widespread, could be the fear of corporate and personal liability for its effects.

Business owners and shareholders should note that a culture of bullying is likely to be hiding far more damage to their business than just occasionally destroying the health and careers of competent staff members.

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